What's new in iOS 13.3.1

What's new in iOS 13.3.1

Hello Amit tech and today Apple released iOS 13.3.1 to the public this is available for all iOS 13 supported devices so iPhone se 6s 6s plus and newer along with iPad air 2 and newer iPads you can find this update by going to your settings then going to general and then software update then you'll be able to download the update and install it.

Now depending on which version you're coming from if you're on the beta's it's going to be a very large three point nine five gigabytes or so however if you're on iOS 13 point 3 which was the last public release it will be somewhere around 300 megabytes such as two hundred.

And seventy eight point eight megabytes this is what it was on my iPhone 11. So depending on your device it can vary but if you are on one of the betas expect it to be much larger now I did not need to uninstall the beta profile in order to install this but if you're not seeing the update you can uninstall the beta profile by going to settings then going to general go to the bottom tap on the profile tap on the profile again hit remove profile put in your password and then go back. and check for an update and it should be there this is already updated so.

I won't see it now let's go ahead and take a look at the build number the build number is 17 d50 and with this build it's a smaller build meaning it's 13-point 3.1 we're a few digits out so you can expect smaller builds or less features but more bug fixes. and that's really what this is there's a couple small features but mostly bug fixes now along with today's release of iOS 13 point 3 point 1 apple also released watch LS six point one point two and if there's  OS 13 point three point one and home pod of 13 point three point one also on older devices so if you have an iOS 12 device they released security updates with iOS twelve. 

Point four point five so you won't get iOS 13 but you will get some updates for older devices as well now there was a modem update so if you're coming from iOS13.3 to iOS 13 point three point one expect a modem update that means you should have better LTE performance better connectivity when switching from Wi-Fi to LTE and it should be better in general however if you are on the beta's. the actual modem will not be any different than beta 3 so just keep that in mind so let's talk about the first thing and the first thing is a small change or update under Apple TV the app. so if we go to Apple TV and then you go to a show you that you've watched before it will now say play again it's just a small tweak but it's something that's changed so you can just watch it again by hitting play again now another thing that's actually in the code that mentioned.

Something new thanks to my friend Steve over at Mac rumors is updated power beats or power beats for so let me show. you what that looks like under photos you can see this was anicon that was found in the code so it looks a little bit different for comparison here's power beats 3 and here is power beats Pro so again power beats4 or whatever they call this should be here and may be coming soon if you're looking for new beats now the next thing is a bug fix and it fixes an issue with screen time so it fixes that issue in the communication limits that could allow a contact to be added without entering the screen time pass code so if you go into settings again and then you go to screen time under screen time you have communication limits if you have this turned. on you can now actually have it ask for a pass code so that no one else can get in here and change it before there was a workaround hope fully this fixes it for most people. now another thing that they've fixed and this is a little bit more widely known that this update includes has to do with the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max and that is because they have a new u1 ultra wide band chip in it and that allows you to locate things when maybe you're trying to airdrop a file.

But if you don't want it to use your location you can now turn that off so in order to turn that off you go to settings then you go down to privacy then you go to location services and at the very bottom there is system services tap on system services and you'll see anew toggle for networking and Wireless and if you turn networking and wireless off it says turning off location for networking and Wireless may affect Bluetooth Wi-Fi and ultra wide band.

Performance so if you turn that off you'll have more privacy but you may not want to do that if you like to use location-based features so just keep that in mind but it is something new now they have addressed something when taking photos again this pertains specifically to iPhone 1111 Pro and 11pro max and what that is is if you take a photo and it uses the new deep fusion mode in sort of indoors but not too dark. but not too bright conditions so I'll take a photo here it won't be deep fusion but before there was a delay when trying to.

Edit that photo so if I go in and try to edit it you'll see it just pops up nice and quickly and deep fusion could take quite a while in order to actually edit it now it should be nice and fast just like that now Apple also address some issues with mail. now it may not be the issues everyone had but at least they're addressing some issues so for instance they've resolved an issue with mail that could cause some remote images to load even when the load remote images setting is disabled so if you're in mail you can have an image sent through an email and it.

Will pop up into the display and show you in the body of the email what the image is if you don't want that to load by default there's a setting for it under mail so if you go down to mail you'll see a load remote images and you can turn that off if you have that turned off those images should not show up but they were and this actually fixes it to make it work properly they've also fixed an issue with mail that could cause multiple undo dialog's to appear in mail so if you're in mail and maybe you delete an email and then you use three fingers swipe to the left to undo it pops back up you can have multiple undo dialogues or you could see them throughout mail as well this fixes that issue and only shows you one undo dialog now the next fix again is with iPhone 11 11 Pro and 11 Pro max and is specific to the ultra wide camera when you're using Face Time there was an issue when you were using Face Time where it would actually default to the ultra wide camera when you using the back camera that's now been fixed.

And it goes to the 1x zoom camera so it should no longer be using that ultra wide it should be using the regular camera when you're using Face Time so I don't know if that was a huge issue for people I'd like the option just to change it but by default it was using ultra light now the next issue that they fixed affected me personally. and it was really kind of a pain and has to do with notifications so notifications were having an issue where the notification wouldn't come in sometimes when you were on Wi-Fi so for example if you're on Wi-Fi and a notification pops and it wouldn't pop up but they've now fixed it so it should pop up normally and just pop into.

Your notifications if you're on Wi-Fi that's been fixed now there's been a lot of issues with car play if you have iOS 13they did a redesign of car play and that was nice but if you have iOS 13 that can be a pain so they've addressed an issue with car play that could cause distorted sound when making phone calls in certain vehicles. so maybe you have a Toyota with car play or a BMW or a Mercedes or a Hyundai any of those or Hyundai any of those could have been affected by this it should now work properly and then finally home pod has support for the Indian English Siri voice now so if you have a home pod and you want to change the voice to the Indian English Siri voice.

That you should have that option just talk to and ask it to change and you can do that there now as far as iPadOS iPad OS did not get any other updates other than the ones I already mentioned for iOS 13 point three point one so I pet OS does get updated to thirteen point three point one but other than that there's nothing new so expect similar performance connectivity updates bug fixes. and everything else now battery life on iOS thirteen point three point one I can say confidently for about 90% of people over the beta's was much better than thirteen point three so if we take a look at how mine has been we'll go to battery here you'll see my battery health is at 100% and the updates will not degrade your battery health.

What happens is the phone updates and then just checks your battery health and applies the right percentage based on the actual physical health of the battery the only way to bring this backup to a hundred percent hat goes down is to actually get a new battery in the phone so just keep that in mind so don't be afraid to update because of that now if we take a look over the last ten days. I have not used my phone a ton but you'll see yesterday I had two hours and 55 minutes of screen on time and one hour and 37 minutes of screen on time or screen off time you'll see I use just over 25 percent of my battery so if I had kept using this without charging it I could get up to 11 to 12 hours of screen on time on the iPhone 11 pro max now it's going to vary if you have an iPhone 10 R or 6s plus or different iPad's but in general the battery life has been quite good for me on iOS 13 point three point one so I would expect that to be pretty good and performance is good as well especially if you're coming from iOS 13.3 Apple has really improved performance even on older devices the iPhone 6s plus is the oldest device supported and things like music are nice and fast that's the first time.

I've opened it since updating and you'll see whether it's going to take what your Wi-Fi takes to load it but the experience in general is pretty good so if we go to settings you'll se everything's nice and smooth if you play games like mine craft or fortnight expect the performance to be the same or a little bit better than before it just seems like apples really tweaked and refine this to be a lot better and the same holds true on all of the iPhones so if it performs well on the 6s plus it will perform well on things like the iPhone 10 R for example now I did run a Geek bench on all of these devices just to see how they've been and it actually performed pretty well so if I go. 

Into Geek bench I'm using Geek bench 5 so if you're using an older version of Geek bench that the numbers may be higher but if you're using five they kind of reset it so for single core I scored 1336 from multi-core I scored a 3383 if we take a look at the history over the past few weeks we'll go to January here you'll see it's a little bit higher than the previous week and in general it just feels nice and fast I think you'll be really happy with this update now let me set all of these devices out so you can take a look at them and compare your scores as well on the far left eye of the iPad air 2 and then

I have the iPhone 6s plus then the iPhone 10 R and then. the iPhone 11 Pro Macs and these scores should just give you an idea of what to expect If you have one of these devices these scores may vary from device to device and from day to day so just keep in mind if they're in the general vicinity of these scores you should be good to go that's it for iOS 13 point three point one I would expect iOS thirteen point four with some new features maybe some small tweaks and things within the week or maybe next week and then in June we'll see iOS 14 so that will bring major features and no software is perfect so there will always be updates Apple is always tweaking things making things better adding features or hopefully making them more stable and things like that so that's really all there is with that so I'm looking forward to iOS 14 with some major changes.

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