What is Corona virus

It is an epidemic of disease

Started in one among the central in Wuhan

This is a completely unique due to the Chinese cities

Corono virus means it's fresh 

New that it doesn't really have a reputation 

So far it's from a family called Corona

Viruses are symptoms of this disease

Beautiful worldly face

Dry cough fever then breathing

Problems it seems very mild

People and perhaps they're not

Finally we all know

About the more serious cases that

Where people have gone for development

Viral pneumonia and people 

Clearly ended up within the hospital and every one 

Deaths have occurred in those people

This new corona virus arrived

Animals and it's believed that

The source was actually a seafood market

Wuhan which also sells wild animals

As far as we all know all matters are

Come out of Wuhan, a number of these

People are in places like thailand and

Japan but they need not raised it

There they really came Wuhan and

Then he traveled to China, where he

In most cases it's older people that are

Ending up within the hospital with

Usually over 40 and therefore the youngest

The person diagnosed is about 13 or 14 years old

Old therefore it's not affected

Young children who have died

Really embedded

According to the conditions they assert they're 

They may have heart condition in pore or

Cancer is already there then they're vulnerable

Basically do not have their system 

Is very strong and they are getting to find it

A virus is extremely hard to fight

We just discovered that the new

Corona virus actually spreads

Hope from person to person

At first it actually came from the bus

All corona virus animals do now

Looks like it's actually passed

From one person to a different we are

People to people broadcast

Because the markets were closed for a few 

Matters in time and other people 

Who never had

There really is not any cure

In a moment because it is a virus

Antibiotics won't work if they only

Viruses work against bacteria if not

Really you would like to understand antiviral

Treatment but none of the flu medicines that

We've got we have got a pair of these 

There is a corona virus which will work thereon 

Different from the flu virus there

There really is not any cure

This is scary all because during a moment

This is a replacement virus so we do not know

How is it getting to behave, but I even have to

We might want to place it in

Reference to another things

Went to Sierra Leone to hide the west

Africa was an epidemic of Ebola and it had been 

Killing quite half all of them 

People who were infected with SARS, which was

A novel coronavirus like this

Made a worldwide cause back in 2002

Nervousness and therefore the main reason was

Nobody had seen this before

Mortality rate was well around 10%

So far here we are talking a few death

Rate of twenty-two which is extremely low and it

It seems as if many of these people

The underlying health was actually

Problems that make it more likely

They could die equally

Died of the flu, so you've got to use it

In that context i feel 


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